Cocoon Tea Artisans


är ett danskt exklusivt varumärke för te från företaget med samma namn grundat av Tina Hueg.

"Tina’s mission is clear. To make the Western part of the World discover the original tea plant Camellia Sinenses and inspire them to drink tea free from the bad pesticides."

"The name Cocoon Tea Artisans: Cocoon refers to the pyramid shaped silk bags that protect the fine tea - just like a real cocoon - before unfolding in hot water and releasing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and captivating aromas. “Artisans takes me back to the time where I lived in Paris and experienced those little shops with “artisan” written on the door that oozed of craftsmanship, passion and ambition. When entering one of those shops you were always met by a unique atmosphere that stays with you forever. It’s that feeling I am striving to create with Cocoon Tea Artisans”, says Tina."

Serien består av åtta olika tesorter och av högsta kvalitet. Alla finns som Burkar, refill och storpack.

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Te - Exklusivt pås-te i designad plåtburk
Te - Exklusivt pås-te Refill
Te - Exklusivt pås-te Storpack