Herbal Blend Eko te

Leverantör: Cocoon Tea Artisans | Kategori: Te - Exklusivt pås-te i designad plåtburk
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Cleansing herbal blend made with the aim of refreshing your body and mind. Drink during the day as a hot or cold drink. To vary the taste from each cup or during the day, add a licorice root to stir, a slice of ginger or a fresh mint leave. Studies in herbs are worth following when interested in maintaining healthy living, considering reducing headaches and to support the body nutritionally.


organic chamomile, organic liquorice root*, organic peppermint, organic ginger.* Contains licorice. Persons suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption
15 x 2g = 30 g Net (Net Wt/ 1,06 oz)

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